Above: Two chocolate videos you might enjoy. On left: a hip-hop explanation of the health benefits of chocolate. On right: a jazz tune, Chocolate is Love, with GREAT visuals!

General Admission, VIP Tickets and Taste Tickets available Here!

$5 admission per person 

Under 5 years old free

Taste Tickets  (generally one taste ticket per bite-size taste of chocolate; 1-3 tickets for tasting samples of food, beer, wine, chocotinis)

12 for $10

24 for $20

VIP Tickets $50. Limit 300 tickets sold. You’ll get 12 VIP taste tickets and 12 regular taaste tickets, plus a free Santsa Fe Brownie and a free Teeny Choctini (must be 21).  You’ll have a chance to visit one-on-one with these chocolatiers, order boxes of their finest products, and more.

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover accepted for all purchases.