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Vendor Checks can be made payable to Mohr Enterprises and sent to:

Mohr Enterprises
6226 West Jefferson Avenue
Denver, CO 80235

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Expected Attendance: 4500-6,000

We recommend you bring at least 2000 samples.
Limit of 20 Gift Booths at this Festival. You may be asked to provide photos of booth set-up, or clarifications of what you’ll be selling. Preference will be given to gifts that are chocolate-themed.

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Vendor set up Saturday 6:00-9:45 am, knockdown Saturday 6:00 — 8:00 PM

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Chocolate/Sweets/Drinks/ Coffee / Food Booth

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Standard both (10’x10’): $195 ($165 early bird rate until March 16)

Double-sized booth: (10’ x 20’):  $390 ($330 early bird rate until March 16)


Must prominently feature chocolate or other sweets (or savories or beverages). This show is very sales-oriented. Sampling helps sell product. You may sell all the product you wish and collect money directly for product sales (except alcoholic beverages). Collect Taste Tickets when handing out samples. Vendor determines sample size (we recommend bite-size: bigger than crumbs but not a full serving). Turn in Taste Tickets at the end of the show to be compensated for sampling. 3 tickets = $1 returned. Plan to bring at least 2000 samples.

Gift Booths (limit 20)

“Artisan Gift” booths or “Nonprofit” booths are for vendors not selling taste tickets for food, libations, beverages, chocolates or other consumable samples. Preference given to chocolate-themed booths. We reserve the right to refuse and refund any gift booth whose product would not be a good fit for Choctoberfest. Only one booth allowed in Choctoberfest per company (such as Mary Kay). Some categories are also limited to one, and are at a premium price, such as aluminum siding.

Standard Artisan or Nonprofit booth (10’x10′) $295 (10′ x 20′) available for $555

Service Booth (Home improvement, corporate, MLMs, etc) 10′ x 20′ $395;m 10′ x 20′  $750

Terms & Conditions

Electricity is $25 extra and must be purchased in advance

8′ tables can be rented for $5 apiece
Each booth includes 2 chairs
Chairs included at no additional charge. BRING LINENS! Pay along with your booth rental or separately. Tables must be rented by October 1 or you will have no table at your booth and we will assume you are bringing your own! This is because we have to pay $10 – $12 to rent these tables for you.Vendors must supply their own table coverings, and we ask that all table coverings please extend to the floor.

Set-up is Saturday from 6:30 AM – 9:45 AM
Tear down is Saturday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM NO EARLY PACKING.

More info at or email

Registration is Nonrefundable seven days after completion. No refunds will be issued unless the event is canceled.

No free samples of food or drink are permitted, taste tickets must be collected for any sample. Vendors may determine sample sizes, we strongly recommend that you offer at least a reasonable bite-sized sample for one taste ticket. We also recommend that you charge only one ticket for samples of sweets and coffees; savory foods we recommend 1-3 tickets. Beer samples 1 ticket, Other drink tastings 1-2 tickets.

Payment for booth rental signifies agreement to these terms and conditions.

We prefer email to, but our phone number is 303-969-9021.

All booth rentals include chairs and wastebasket. Tables rent for $5 apiece.

Payment Details

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Vendor Checks to: Mohr Enterprises, Chris and Karen Mohr, 6226 W. Jefferson Ave., Denver, CO 80235
Purchase your booth online now with Button (above)! Booth rental fees are nonrefundable after seven days unless the event is canceled by Mohr Enterprises.

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